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Baby Dawg Fan !!

Hey Boo..that's a big fish

Our visit with Jett @ Manly's Oceanworld, Australia

Alex on his Bicycle

Summa Time !!




Thanks for dropping by and welcome to our website

  Come on in so you can meet our family and friends in our digital scrapbook WebSite !! 

Matthew and Ruthie are our latest editions to the family, who's next  ...!!

Slider news !!

  1. 1.  Proud parents of a Travel Agent / Professional Mom, Lawyer, Software Engineer & Doctor!!
  3. 2.  Proud Grandparents of  5 and counting !!! 
  5. 3.  Considering selling the airplane & boat :(
  7. 4.  SnowBirds in FLORIDA!!
  9. 5.  Enjoy spending our free time with our Grandbabies !!!








Latest editions to the family Matthew & Ruthie !!


Grandbabies 2008  !!!

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Video of Amanda, Alex & Jett

Grandbabies 2006  !!!

Athens's Slider's



















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Nathan, Jaime, Jett's photoshoot with Genya:



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